What people have said about our php development services:

When a server OS upgrade derailed some of our old PHP code, PHPMYDEV was able to troubleshoot the problem and implement a solution in an extremely timely manor. Service was professional, communication was clear, and the solutions worked the first time. I was very pleased with the work.

I would recommend Phpmydev to anybody. Their best attribute is how reachable they are - no wondering what's going on during developemnt, just pick up the phone and ask them. They hit every deadline and there were no unexpected costs. I think their quality, timing, and pricing is unbeatable.

Blazer International"We are very pleased with the good folks at phpmydev.com. They built our web database for our product catalog and did a great job. They were flexible and patient and very responsive to our needs. I would recommend phpmydev.com!!"

"PHPMYDEV's conversion of our six page intake sleep/health questionnaire into a clear and concise online format that generates Sleepdoc.coma written patient history has streamlined the new patient intake process. This, in turn, has reduced clinical history taking time, allowing our professional staff to focus on patients' problems and has eliminated costly transcription. The on-line format is clear and user friendly. Most impressive was PHPMYDEV's ability to consider and program for all possible responses, producing a flowing text rather than 'computer speak'. Rather than being a series of check boxes, our form is adaptive to patient responses, allowing us to optimize collection of medical information."

"As the product evolved we actually elaborated on the project. PHPMYDEV was flexible, listened carefully to our needs, and wrote a program that worked. They kept open lines of communication with us and tested extensively before delivery, creating an extremely valuable, money-saving product for us. In all my interactions with programmers, I have yet to find a company so devoted to functional outcomes and products that truly change how business is done."

Helene A. Emsellem, MD Sleepdoc.com

"PHPMYDEV was quick, responsive and easy to work with!" - TK, Boston

"phpMyDEV brought the experience and technical know-how that was required to make our project a success. Unlike other developers that we have used in the past, phpMyDEV made us feel that we were getting quality hours of work for our dollar. One thing is for sure, we will definitely be using phpMyDEV on future projects."

Gus Harshbarger, President, Balta Design

PHPMyDEV has been hosting our website for the past year. RPIAUSAMember.orgWe had previously been hosted by one of the big guys and the difference between hosts is vast. There have been very few problems but when we discovered anything not working properly Richard Whitney was right on the problem and had us up and running very quickly. PHPmydev also takes care of the back end of our site which uses Drupal. Their knowledgeable service has been outstanding and we were always treated respectfully and immediately. We would highly recommend Richard Whitney and PHP Development for anyone who needs fast and accurate service with a smile.
RPIA Silver.org and RPIAUSAMember.org

PHPMYDEV has been a great asset to my business. From helping us out of a crisis over the weekend to quoting a job and seeing it through, PHPMYDEV was very responsive to help us provide solutions to our client's needs. It is great to know that we can offer our clients custom development now that PHPMYDEV is a team member. Thank you. We really appreciate your work.
Kristi Bradley, Calico Design

"My experience working with PHPMYDEV was easier and faster than I expected. They responded quickly with a quote that met my budget parameters and delivered the finished product in less than 24 hours."

N. Sioris