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May 1, 2016 - Richard Whitney

You have a website by now - You have a steady stream of visitors from various sources:  Google Adwords PPC, Bing, Yahoo and you're placed well (number 4 or 5 for your keywords) organically.  This is great!  Why, then, should you consider making a change?  The answer is simple.  Darwin may or may not have been right, but one thing is certain:  The internet is a living, breathing thing - and it is evolving.  The life and breath of the internet is the technology behind it and the audience that drives it.  Without these two key factors, the internet would dwindle and die.  But as long as there are people who write code and people who benefit from that code, there will be new technology, and new visitors.  You may be reading this on a nice, big desktop monitor - like the one I'm using to write this - or a shiny new iPhone or Android.  Hopefully, the latter will display this website as nicely as the former.  Thanks to some of the big companies like Twitter for providing Bootstrap for responsive design, and jQuery for the Javascript Library this site runs on, I can serve myriad communities of folks with one set of code. Since I only have to write one set of code for many devices, I can pass the savings on to you, my potential (or current) client.     

Why Custom Website Design & Development?

Personally, I have never followed the crowd, although I don't always do something different from the norm: PHP is pretty much normal on the internet.  But when it comes to presenting yourself to the world, do you want to blend in?  Be Plain Jane?  The answer is NO!  That's why we create for you a custom website that acts and reacts to your users' needs per your recommendations/specifications.  We will always ask you for specification documents prior to commmencing work on your website.  One more thing:  Have you heard the term, "Single page Application"?  If you haven't, get ready!  The old days of a page-load on clicking an interior link are quickly coming to an end.  The new technology is "Load the design skeleton up front, then, with javascript, load certain new elements on demand, making small trips to the server as needed", making pages or views load incredibly fast, if not instantly.  Thanks to the 99.9% of internet users today who have javascript enabled, this is a viable alternative to "Click and wait".

Concern about Search Engines

The above paragraph may raise concern over search and indexability of a site built with SPA technology.   I invite you to turn off javascript for and navigate this site again. Pages will load in the traditional way = click and wait - load a new page.  So you can rest assured that search engines without javascript support will index this site (and the one we build for you) just as though it were a traditional site.  

A Little History

Our name is phpMyDEV.  Why?  Because this company started out writing PHP code (the majority of the internet uses this language in their web pages) and using MySQL, in July 2013, the world's second most widely used RDBMS (, while the DEV part is short for development.  If it were prudent to change our name to something like or phpMySPADev, it might more fully represent what we do now, but I don't think this is a necessary step toward fulfilling our mission and igniting our passion.  We have considered changing the name to something less acronym-like, but found these ideas to be unimportant and troublesome.  Besides, phpMyDEV is well placed in the search engines and it does not behoove us to make this change.  So I guess it's pretty obvious by now that our SPA framework uses PHP and MySQL on the backend and Javascript/jQuery on the front end.  But you don't really need to be concerned about that.  We are using the best tools for the job.

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