What is a Single Page Application and Why hire a Custom SPA Developer

A SPA, or single-page-application, is a Javascript-centric website that is more like an application, in that it acts and reacts instantly through the use of AJAX, updating portions of a page instead of loading the whole shabang.

You should consider a SPA website, which can be just as SEO-friendly as it's predecessor using the right tools, for a superior UX or User Experience, which can bring repeat business more often.

Why consider a custom developer?  The answer is simple:  You want a unique website that does exactly what you want it to do.  No cookie-cutter template will do that for you.  Every website I build is made-to-order - to your specifications, whether it be an e-commerce portal or a showcase,  I make your site act and react instantly with my own, custom SPA framework, and also make it SEO-ready.    

So contact me or call 602-334-7771 today for your free, no-obligation quote.  I look forward to serving you!