The Building Blocks of LAMP Development


Linux is an open-source, freely changeable and redistributable operating system for servers and desktops, as well as a number of mobile devices and supercomputers, too. It is commonly used in server environments where reliability and security are of the utmost importance. In the mobile marketplace, Android is a Linux distribution authored and maintained by Google.


* The Apache HTTP Server, commonly referred to as Apache, is web server software notable for playing a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web.


MySQL is an open source RDBMS, Relational DataBase Management System. MySQL is popular because it is reliable, performs well and is an economical way to power websites. LAMP development (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP also Perl and Python) applications make use of MySQL, which is used by big players such as Google and Adobe as well as folks like you and me.


** PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages

PHP Programmer

Sometimes referred to as a PHP freelancer, the PHP programmer specializes in PHP programming and is dedicated to robust PHP applications and/or PHP web development. Generally you can hire a PHP programmer hourly or by the project.

PHP Developer

A PHP developer acts as the PHP contractor and is the lead member of a team of PHP programmers. Generally the PHP Developer oversees the entire PHP development project.

PHP Engineer

Sometimes referred to as a PHP software engineer, a PHP engineer is an expert PHP programmer experienced in building and managing high performance, scalable web applications using high quality and complex PHP programming code.

Secure PHP Programming

Secure PHP programming is a process where security is taken into account by a PHP developer for the creation of dynamic PHP database applications or , to thwart hacking and other dubious attacks.

Enterprise PHP Programming

PHP programming for the enterprise involves scalable, PHP database applications and services written by a PHP programmer for clustering and failover in critical applications.