What is the Benefit of a Responsive PHP, MySQL SPA, and Why Should I Use this Technology For My Website?

The Topics

Responsive DesignResponsive

We know what this means:  What you see on your desktop is rendered nicely, though differently, on your phone, and the difference is pretty smooth, even if you resize your desktop browser to mimic the behavior of your phone.   The point is, the website works in all major browsers.  In the interest of moving the web forward, we develop for HTML5 capable browsers, and set aside anything under Internet Explorer 9.  I mean, the statistics show that less than 3% of internet users browse the web using a non-HTML5 capable browser.  Look at this from w3schools:

September72.5 %5.3 %16.3 %3.5 %1.0 %
March69.9 %6.1 %17.8 %3.6 %1.3 %
February69.0 %6.2 %18.6 %3.7 %1.3 %
January68.4 %6.2 %18.8 %3.7 %1.4 %

and the details for explorer:

2016TotalEdge 13Edge 12IE 11IE 10IE 9Older
March6.1 %1.0%0.2 %4.1 %0.3 %0.2 %0.3 %
February6.2 %0.9%0.2 %4.1 %0.4 %0.3 %0.3 %
January6.2 %0.8%0.4 %3.8 %0.5 %0.4 %0.3 %

from which we can postulate that less than 1% of IE users are HTML5 incapable.  The same can be said for non-Javascript users, which gives us a segue into our next topic:

Javascript and The SPA ExperienceJavascript

Javascript is key to the SPA experience - without it a Single Page Application does not exist.

While looking for statistics on the use or non-use of javascript, I came across this post: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9478737/browser-statistics-on-javascript-disabled

The arguments in this thread are compelling to the point that I think it is ridiculous to specifically code for non-javascript users.  On the other hand, most spiders or search engines still don't recognize javascript, so I build my sites in a way that crawlers can read the content for SEO purposes, and as an added bonus, most features of the site are available to the less than 1% who have javascript turned off.  Try it.  Disable javascript for phpmydev.com temporarily, and navigate the site.  You will need to re-enable javascript to share your experience, which I encourage you to do.


AJAX, or Asynchronous Javascript and XML is the tunnel between the client (Javascript) and the server (in our case, PHP and MySQL).

Without the backend of PHP and MySQL or some other technology, AJAX is not really needed and your pages or views are really only static, MySQL Dolphinand thus boring.  Using PHP and MySQL, a website that interacts with its visitors is much more appealing and capable of dynamic content that updates on demand, like the Comments section at the bottom of each page of phpMyDEV.com.  This particular site relies on interaction with you to show updated content, except for thie blog, as it is not a shopping cart or even a catalog with new items to display on a regular basis.  A new article like this one will appear from time to time and I might add an entry to the blog, but this site is not a good example of what we do for you, the client.  You provide us with what you want your site to do and we wave the magic wand and make it happen for you.  

The Benefitbenefit

As the web moves further into the 21st century, and though it may seem that internet connections everywhere might make a Single Page Application seem less necessary, the simple truth that sometimes servers are slow, they are across the globe or your ISP is heavily congested, it is awesome to navigate a site that reacts almost instantly as you navigate.  The other truth is that relatively few sites are taking advantage of this new technology as of this writing, and yours can be on the front of the train, making your visitors some of the happiest campers on the net!  

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